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  About Us

These services are carried out through our offices around the globe and many of the services can also be facilitated through our local representation, which extends to over 140 countries.

Our dedicated worldwide staff is manned by Attorneys who are capable to advise on any matters relating to maritime industry, IRCA (International Register of Certified Auditors) accredited ISM (International Safety Management code) auditors, Marine Surveyors, Deputy Registrars who in conjunction with the rest of our professional personnel and directors, provide a knowledgeable and expert service to our clients quickly and efficiently.

The overriding corporate policy at ISB is to provide high quality services in a quick and efficient manner. Contact any of the ISB offices around the globe to utilize the services.

From humble beginnings of carrying out registration of just 2 flags, the vision and farsightedness of the founder members and the efforts of the dedicated personnel have helped ISB grow to become a multinational firm held high in repute. Presently it covers the entire globe with seven regional offices and more than 140 representatives spread all over the five continents. ISB has established these worldwide offices in order to give specialized services pertaining to each region. Each office has at least one member of the staff who speaks the local language and has well-established relationships with the various local maritime related organizations and institutions. The ISB offices also have the knowledge and expertise of all international regulations and advise the ship owners the most efficient and cost effective manner to operate their vessel. ISB uniquely offers many maritime services under one umbrella which saves the ship owners precious time and effort usually wasted on approaching several entities for the disparate services.

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Management Structure
The company is managed by a Board of Directors who have a wealth of experience in Shipping and Maritime law.

The branches around the world function under the Board of Directors. Each branch has three main functional departments to cater to the different needs of the customers. These are :

Registration: Our Registration department is handled by experts in Shipping, Ship Management and Marine Laws.

Technical: Our Technical department is handled by qualified and vastly experienced Engineers and Marine Professionals.
Account Administration: Our accounts/administration department is handled by qualified financial & HRD experts.

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