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North America

The office is located in Miami, Florida, USA. It serves the customers on the local market, majority of the ports in the Caribbean, as well as South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

ISB USA, (formally known as ISB Florida) branch is the second largest office of the ISB Group.

Customer Portfolio

ISB USA has a diversified clientele, ranging from individual ship owners, shipbuilders marine freight forwarders, financial institutions, attorneys and Government organizations.

Our branch is offering its services mostly to medium size general cargo vessels. However, we deal with tugs, barges, ferries, Ro-Ro, passenger vessels and yachts on daily basis.

The principal trading area is the Caribbean Sea, North and South Atlantic Ocean, as well as Pacific Ocean.

The customers are spread all over as far as Vietnam in Far East up to Turkey.

Office Performance

Since its establishment in 1991, ISB USA has evolved from a small marine consulting company into a leading maritime organization in South Florida.

It has played a key role in promoting such Flags of Convenience as Belize, Cambodia, Honduras and Panama.

ISB USA provides a variety of services to our customers, such as Ship Registrations, Mortgage Registration, Incorporation of Offshore Companies, Issuance of Licenses and Seafarers documents, Notarization and Legalization of Documents, Marine Legal advices, ISM Consultancy, Classification Surveys, Marine Surveys, Naval Architecture and Marine Consultancy, P&I Insurance, Vessel Brokerage and Crewing Agency.

We are the exclusive agents of International Register of Shipping as well as Deputy Registrar for Cambodia.

The surveyors of ISB USA have been appointed as ASI Government Inspector of Panama.

Central / South America

The office is located in the Panama City, Panama. Panama’s historic strategic position has been the key to the success of ISB Panama, incorporated as a Law Firm. We have convenient access to the markets in North America, South America and the Caribbean.

With its Canal linking the two oceans, we have been aware of the advantageous strategic position for maritime business in Panama. Panama has always been an attractive place for international shipping companies and shipping agents to set up offices.

The clientele include mostly shipping companies, shipping agents and lawyers in Panama. Panama being a maritime oriented country, most of the lawyers in Panama concentrate in maritime business, but only offering the Panama flag. This is where ISB Panama (Law Firm) has the extra advantage by providing other flags to our clients and to other Panamanian lawyers, due to our international authorizations.

Our international clients are located in neighboring Colombia, the Caribbean and other countries in South America.

Legal Services

As a Law Firm, besides ship registrations, we provide legal services, such as legal procedures in the Public Registry, and Immigration depts.

We provide services to all sizes and types of vessels, from pleasure yachts to cargo vessels and tankers. The principal trading area is the Caribbean, East and West Coast of Central and South America.

Office Performance

Our team of experts and lawyers has comprehensive experience in maritime matters as well as legal matters. ISB Panama is characterized with a high level of productivity and with an optimization of resources, which in turn translates into satisfied customers.

Exclusive features

We are exclusive agents for IRS, MARSATCO and Deputy Registrars for the flags of Cambodia and Georgia.

Office Address

4770 Biscayne Blvd Suite #800,
Miami, Fl 33137, USA
Tel: (305) 576 4403
Fax: (305) 576 4438
General Enquires :

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